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Chainlink Oracle

Contract Addresses to use Chainlink with LayerZero
To use the Chainlink oracle with your LayerZero UserApplication, configure your app with the addresses below.
  • Ethereum: 0x150A58e9E6BF69ccEb1DBA5ae97C166DC8792539
  • BNB: 0x150A58e9E6BF69ccEb1DBA5ae97C166DC8792539
  • Avalanche: 0x150A58e9E6BF69ccEb1DBA5ae97C166DC8792539
  • Polygon: 0x150A58e9E6BF69ccEb1DBA5ae97C166DC8792539
  • Arbitrum: 0x150A58e9E6BF69ccEb1DBA5ae97C166DC8792539
  • Optimism: 0x150A58e9E6BF69ccEb1DBA5ae97C166DC8792539
  • Fantom: 0x150A58e9E6BF69ccEb1DBA5ae97C166DC8792539
There is some additional information for Chainlink that can be found here.

Participating Node Operators

Currently these Chainlink nodes provide support and redundancy for the Chainlink Oracle
  • DexTrac
  • Chainlayer
  • LinkForest
  • LinkPool