Default Oracle Updates

Keep up to the date with the latest Oracle for Default User Applications (UAs).
By default, UAs opt into the LayerZero Protocol library updates. These updates generally bring improvements and changes to the reliability of the protocol's generic messaging.
These libraries are append-only, meaning that previous versions will always be available for UAs that decide to not use the default config.

Opting Out of Defaults

For UAs that want to fully control or lock their Oracle properties, see UA Custom Configuration to learn more.
Locking UA configuration guarantees that only UA owners can change their LZ app configs; UAs that opt-in to LayerZero defaults accept LayerZero's future changes to default configurations (i.e. best practice changes to block confirmations & proof libraries etc.)
Projects with custom configuration will not have any impact on their settings, but are free to reconfigure settings back to Defaults or to any other Oracle at any given time.

Google Cloud Oracle (default as of 9/19/23)

Google Cloud (GCP) provides a Google Cloud Oracle to secure messaging in the LayerZero Protocol.
The Google Cloud Oracle is the default Oracle for all dApps built using the LayerZero protocol.
Enterprises and developers of all sizes can now rely on the combination of an established entity (GCP) and a leading Web3 company (LayerZero) to address their interoperability challenges.
That said, each Oracle provides unique costs and benefits. UAs are encouraged to select the best Oracle that suits their needs.