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// SPDX-License-Identifier: BUSL-1.1
pragma solidity >=0.7.0;
import "./ILayerZeroUserApplicationConfig.sol";
interface ILayerZeroMessagingLibrary {
// send(), messages will be inflight.
function send(address _userApplication, uint64 _lastNonce, uint16 _chainId, bytes calldata _destination, bytes calldata _payload, address payable refundAddress, address _zroPaymentAddress, bytes calldata _adapterParams) external payable;
// estimate native fee at the send side
function estimateFees(uint16 _chainId, address _userApplication, bytes calldata _payload, bool _payInZRO, bytes calldata _adapterParam) external view returns (uint nativeFee, uint zroFee);
// setConfig / getConfig are User Application (UA) functions to specify Oracle, Relayer, blockConfirmations, libraryVersion
function setConfig(uint16 _chainId, address _userApplication, uint _configType, bytes calldata _config) external;
function getConfig(uint16 _chainId, address _userApplication, uint _configType) external view returns (bytes memory);