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IERC165 OFT Interface Ids

Use these interface ids to determine which version of OFT is deployed.

OFT(v1): 0x14e4ceea

OFTV2: 0x1f7ecdf7

OFTWithFee: 0x6984a9e8

interface ERC165 {
/// @notice Query if a contract implements an interface
/// @param interfaceID The interface identifier, as specified in ERC-165
/// @dev Interface identification is specified in ERC-165. This function
/// uses less than 30,000 gas.
/// @return `true` if the contract implements `interfaceID` and
/// `interfaceID` is not 0xffffffff, `false` otherwise
function supportsInterface(bytes4 interfaceID) external view returns (bool);

Example Hardhat Task

module.exports = async function (taskArgs) {
const OFTInterfaceId = 0x14e4ceea;
const OFTV2InterfaceId = 0x1f7ecdf7;
const OFTWithFeeInterfaceId = 0x6984a9e8;
const ERC165ABI = [
"function supportsInterface(bytes4) public view returns (bool)"
try {
const contract = await ethers.getContractAt(ERC165ABI, taskArgs.address);
const isOFT = await contract.supportsInterface(OFTInterfaceId);
const isOFTV2 = await contract.supportsInterface(OFTV2InterfaceId);
const isOFTWithFee = await contract.supportsInterface(OFTWithFeeInterfaceId);
if(isOFT) {
console.log(`address: ${taskArgs.address} is OFT(v1)`)
} else if(isOFTV2) {
console.log(`address: ${taskArgs.address} is OFTV2`)
} else if(isOFTWithFee) {
console.log(`address: ${taskArgs.address} is OFTWithFee`)
} else {
console.log(`address: ${taskArgs.address} is not an OFT`)
} catch (e) {
console.log("supportsInterface not implemented")