LayerZero Scan

LayerZero Scan is the leading block explorer, search, API, and analytics platform for the LayerZero Protocol.


In an effort to improve the developer experience when working with LayerZero transactions, LayerZero Scan was built to reduce user friction in an omnichain environment.
Users can follow LayerZero transactions in one block explorer, with all relevant transaction data and logs tracked in a single location.
Developers can monitor transactions on both the Mainnet Explorer and Testnet Explorer.

Transaction Statuses

  • Delivered: The message has been successfully sent and received by the destination chain.
  • Inflight: The message is currently being transmitted between chains and has not yet reached its destination.
  • Payload Stored: The message arrived at the destination, but reverted or ran out of gas during execution and needs to be retried.
  • Failed: The transaction encountered an error and did not complete.
  • Blocked: A previous message nonce has a stored payload, halting the current transaction.
  • Confirming: The system is validating the finality of a transaction amidst potential high gas replacements or block reorgs.

Protocol Analytics

Users can also monitor protocol and chain analytics, making it easy to observe market wide trends and understand the current state of the ecosystem.

Scan Client

For developers looking to add omnichain transaction logs to their frontend interfaces, LayerZero provides a scan client to fetch message parameters.

Scan API

LayerZero Scan API is coming soon! To ask for feature requests or provide suggestions, share your feedback here.