Default Config

To simplify writing a User Application contract, LayerZero does not require any configuration. In this case, a UA sending messages will be using the system defaults.

The Default Configuration

  • Oracle: Industry TSS Oracle (Polygon, Sequoia)
  • Relayer: LayerZero Labs
  • Library Version: 1
  • Outbound Proof Type: 1, MPT
  • Outbound Confirmations: 35
  • Inbound Proof Library: 1, MPT
  • Inbound Confirmation: 35

Sending messages

  • Default _adapterParams
    • Type: Version 1
    • Gas Amount: 200,000
const defaultBlockConfs = {
[ChainId.ETHEREUM]: new BN(15),
[ChainId.BSC]: new BN(20),
[ChainId.AVALANCHE]: new BN(12),
[ChainId.POLYGON]: new BN(512),
[ChainId.ARBITRUM]: new BN(20),
[ChainId.OPTIMISM]: new BN(20),
[ChainId.FANTOM]: new BN(5),