Default Config

To simplify writing a User Application contract, LayerZero does not require any configuration. In this case, a UA sending messages will be using the system defaults.
Note: Should you choose to not manually set your configuration, the Default configuration will automatically be set for your application. The Default configuration is set and owned by the LayerZero Labs Multisig and may be updated in the future.

The Default Configuration

  • Oracle: Industry TSS Oracle (Polygon, Sequoia)
  • Relayer: LayerZero Labs
  • Library Version (send & receive): UltraLightNodeV2.sol
  • Outbound Proof Type: 1, MPT
  • Outbound Confirmations: Varies per source chain, see below
  • Inbound Proof Library: 1, MPT
  • Inbound Confirmation: Varies per source chain, see below

Sending Messages

  • Default _adapterParams
    • Type: Version 1
    • Gas Amount: 200,000
// These are the default Block Confirmations waited by LayerZero before delivering messages
const defaultBlockConfs = {
[ChainId.ETHEREUM]: 15,
[ChainId.BSC]: 20,
[ChainId.AVALANCHE]: 12,
[ChainId.POLYGON]: 512,
[ChainId.ARBITRUM]: 20,
[ChainId.OPTIMISM]: 20,
[ChainId.FANTOM]: 5,
[ChainId.SWIMMER]: 20,
[ChainId.DFK]: 10,
[ChainId.HARMONY]: 5,
[ChainId.MOONBEAM]: 10,
[ChainId.APTOS]: 500000,
[ChainId.CELO]: 5,
[ChainId.DEXALOT]: 10,
[ChainId.KLAYTN]: 5,
[ChainId.METIS]: 5,
[ChainId.FUSE]: 5,
[ChainId.GNOSIS]: 5,
[ChainId.INTAIN]: 5,
Transactions originating from the above chains should be delivered after a minimum of the specified source Block Confirmations