Failure Revert Messages

A full description of the errors found in LayerZero contracts

LayerZero: only endpoint

Only the endpoint can be the caller of the function.

LayerZero: invalid relayer

Relayer delivering the message is NOT the relayer the UA has configured.

LayerZero: invalid inbound proof library

User Application has configured an invalid proof library version for remote chainId

LayerZero: not enough block confirmations

During message delivery, the Oracle didnt wait enough block confirmations as specified by the UA.

LayerZero: _packet.ulnAddress is invalid

Invalid source sender of the message.

LayerZero: invalid dst address

The LayerZero message specifies a different destination contract address than the relayer.

LayerZero: must be paid by sender or origin

Endpoint.send() was flagged to be paid in tokens, but the address is invalid.

LayerZero: not enough native for fees

User Application needs to send more msg.value (see: Endpoint.estimateFees())

LayerZero: failed to refund

The specified _refundAddress is not payable, or invalid. (Try sending the exact amount)

LayerZero: oracle data can only update if it has more confirmations

The Oracle tried to update the data, but it was identical to what already existed.

LayerZero: invalid inbound proof library version

setConfig() cannot set the specified inbound proof library version

LayerZero: invalid outbound proof type

setConfig() cannot set the specified outbound proof type

LayerZero: Invalid config type

setConfig() does not know how to set this value

LayerZero: only treasury

withdrawZRO() called by invalid address

LayerZero: only relayerFee contract

Only a certain address can call withdraw on the UltraLightNode

LayerZero: unsupported withdraw type

withdrawZRO() called with invalid type